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Our DNA Paternity tests are fast, easy to use, completely confidential and accurate - greater than 99.99% accurate! Our DNA/Paternity Testing partner has provided paternity tests for thousands of customers and is recognized as a world leader in the science of DNA testing. We have a DNA test to help you find out the truth, regardless of your situation.

Legal DNA Paternity Test results are admissible in most courts of law. Although our Laboratory adheres to the most stringent standards for testing, some states may differ in their requirements. Unlike our home paternity test, the Legal DNA Paternity Test tracks your DNA samples from the time they're collected by one of our trained specialists until the time they arrive in our DNA testing laboratory. That ensures they're admissible as evidence in a courtroom.


We are southern California’s premier DNA collection service.  So Cal DNA will come to the clients when it is convenient for them.

We specialize in Legal DNA Paternity Testing as well as in-home DNA Paternity Testing.

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